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A Better Sentence, Oh My Go**, Leaving My Office, When Selling Feels Like Magic [Friday Update Nov. 4 2022]November 04, 2022 Episode artwork Coffee in a Charleston Cafe, I Can Walk Now (!), 1st 2nd and 3rd Degree in B2B for Better Ideas [Friday Update Oct. 28th] October 27, 2022 Episode artwork A+ Leisure Week, Accepting Compliments, and a Seminar High [Friday Update Oct. 7th, 2022]October 07, 2022 Episode artwork No Go Bro Zone, Clients Don't Read Writer Blogs, I Painted a Cool Rose (!) [Friday Update Sept. 30th, 2022]September 30, 2022 Episode artwork "She Freed a Lot of People," How Businesses Work, and My Glorious Planner Arrived [Friday Update September 23rd, 2022]September 22, 2022 Episode artwork How to write fasterSeptember 19, 2022 Episode artwork The Weirdest Thing I Do (Seriously), Don't Go In That House, Feel Good Going Slow [Friday Update Sept. 2nd, 2022] September 05, 2022 Episode artwork The "Goosebumps Cover" Method, Cycles of Emergency, Disney(World)(Land) (?), [Friday Update Aug. 29th, 2022] August 29, 2022 Episode artwork "Nothing is Boring" by Jay Acunzo [Read by Sarah Greesonbach]August 10, 2022 Episode artwork A Life of Leisure, Helping Teachers Escape the Classroom, How Much Time Should Writing Take? [Friday Update Aug. 5th, 2022]August 08, 2022 Episode artwork Apologies to That Facebook Group Dude, Troubleshooting Your Freelance Un-Success, Secret August Fun Thing [Friday Update July 28, 2022]August 02, 2022 Episode artwork My Second Rooftop Pool Party, Writing at Scale, "Over-Promising" on Writing [Friday Update]July 22, 2022 Episode artwork Freelancing With Small Kids Underfoot [Special Q&A]July 15, 2022 Episode artwork Shady Sells, Kid-Free Weekend, Taking Off the Sock [Friday Update]July 08, 2022 Episode artwork Vulnerable before it's fixed, self-discovery, a rubric for pricing [Friday Update]June 24, 2022 Episode artwork The "Qualifications" for Becoming a Copywriter and Mindset Hacks for Beginners [New Interview]June 10, 2022 Episode artwork My Landing Page, It's Harder Than They Make It Sound, and a Tornado Watch [Friday Update]May 27, 2022 Episode artwork Getting Sick, "Levels" of Writing, and When to Be Passionate [Friday Update]May 20, 2022 Episode artwork How to Connect With B2B Writing (With Kristen LaFrance)May 18, 2022 Episode artwork Welcome Back to B2B Craftworks! The 2022 UpdateMay 13, 2022 Episode artwork Power in Cold Pitching With Bree WeberMay 04, 2021 Episode artwork Power in Diving In With Emma SiemaskoFebruary 24, 2021 Episode artwork Power in Academia with Chris CollinsJanuary 21, 2021 Episode artwork Power in Empathy with Chris GillespieJanuary 04, 2021 Episode artwork Power in Employment Status with Jesse ButtsOctober 06, 2020 Episode artwork